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16th March 2021  
Whilst posting yesterday's SmileBASIC game, one thing stood out.

I didn't switch over to Windows to do the few last minute tweaks that I usually do.
The video got converted to a gif via FFMpeg on the Mac.

Then the Asset Generator kicked into gear.
The screenshots got converted from jpg to png.
The logo was generated.
The icon was extracted from the SmileBASIC Screenshot.
The "Steam Icon" was also built up from a random screenshot and the logo.

Everything flowed exactly as it should've, and I got it all uploaded without once switching over to Windows.

I think my only real reliance on Windows is now having to draw the little 256x32 pixel "banner" logos for Browsercade games.
Pixelmator Pro can do a lot of things, but trying to draw un-anti-aliased pixelised fonts is definitely not one of its strong points!!

Considering that's one of the very few tasks still remaining, I might now look into getting Wine up and running, and getting PaintShop Pro 7 going on the Mac. Either that or tweak my titler to get it to do crisp tiny titles...
Again with the Anti-Aliasing, though.. I don't *think* I can avoid that, given Javascript's annoying habit of forcing anti-aliasing on damn near everything!!


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