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Lazy Day
17th March 2021  
Although I did a few odd little tweaks, here and there, yesterday wasn't very productive at all.


Some additional tweaks to the Asset Generator, and a bit of prodding around to see if I could get small pixel logos working. But.. Nope. Didn't work out.

I did, however, make a start on this week's Shoebox game. A recreation of the game "Shut The Box".

It's a dice based game with 9 little numbered clicky buttons. You roll the dice, and click one or two buttons which total the number on the dice.
If you can't find any combinations of buttons to push, you lose your turn, and any remaining buttons are totalled up and added to your score.
If you reach 45 points, you're out, and all remaining players continue until the last player is declared the winner.

It's a simple enough game, but one thing I've been struggling with is. .. why is it called Shut the Box?
According to Wikipedia it has a variety of even more obscure names, like Blitz, Batten Down the Hatches, Cut Throat, Fork Your Neighbour and more.
Klackers is pretty much the only decent name of the bunch, what with the little clicky buttons going klackity-klack, but even still.
Silly name.

I'll likely stick with Shut The Box, as that's presumably the name that more people know it as.

.. But first, I need to code it all!
The little clicky clacky buttons all work, but the dice currently don't, nor does the scoring.
That'll be today's task.

Hop to it, Jay!

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