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21st March 2021  
Tornader suggests..

In my opinion there should be the possibility to save highscores (like in your modern smile basic games).


A Bit of A Spin was one of my earlier SmileBASIC games, and as a result uses the older framework, before I added the titlescreen highscore table, or even saved highscores.
As a result, a whole bunch of my earlier games are lacking these simple features.
I did have it in mind to go back and "fix" these games, but.. Was too busy making new ones!!

Perhaps I oughta do that, today. If not all of them, then at the very least A Bit of A Spin.


Might as well, right!?
Should be ready to go later today, or maybe tomorrow, depending on how complicated the above Framework gubbins ends up being!

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New games every week!
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