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22nd March 2021  
Yesterday I found a nice and quick way to upgrade my older SmileBASIC games to the newer framework.


I started with the requested A Bit of A Spin. Copying only the game code, I pasted it into the template, as if I'd written the game from scratch.
It mostly worked, and needed only a couple of little tweaks to get everything up to scratch.

Next up was Space Popcorn.
Open the template, paste in the game code, sorted.

.. except it wasn't.
On this occasion, there was a slight quirk with the gameplay.
It took me a while to track down the bug, but it was due to the newer framework assuming there "might" be a two player game, and so setting plr[450] to 0.
plr[50] is player 1's score, [51] is their lives. plr[450] and [451] are player 2's. and if I ever figure out a neat way to get controllers working, 850/851 are player 3, and 1250/1251 are player 4's.
These elements weren't forced in the older framework, but are in the newer one.

Since the player's bullets in Space Popcorn take up the majority of the plr[] array, the two things were colliding, and odd quirks would ensue!


With that worked out, it was on to the next game.
I loaded up Centipong, and ..
Oh, boy!!
That didn't like the new framework.

I'm not sure where or why it happened, but ...
Oh boy!!
The whole entire game broke.
The mushrooms instantly exploded, the centipede never showed up, and even launching the player's ball caused the ball to instantly vanish.

And I really don't know why.

I gave up trying after about half an hour of trying to figure it out.

Perhaps, another day, I'll continue my quest to upgrade the older games. But after Centipong, I wasn't quite in the mood to carry on.

.. Why is it ALWAYS Centipong that causes problems!?

Bah, humbug.

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