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23rd March 2021  
Over on Twitter, there's a tweetbot that randomly asks for Switch ports.


The SwitchPortBeg account takes games from a giant database and sends out requests for ports.
Since I made a ton of games on OUYA, it's somehow collated all of those and occasionally asks for ports of my own games.

Last night, (Well, a couple of nights ago, but I only noticed it last night!) the bot asked for a port of Platdude in Space.
Why isn't Platdude in Space on the Switch? Do they hate money?

Well, for starters, if it WERE on Switch, it'd be in SmileBASIC, where I won't be earning money anyway.
But, do feel free to join my Patreon if you like to splash out on my games.

I thought about the concept for a while.
The original version uses huge 512x512 pixel circles full of swirly textures, spinning at various sizes, to create a lovely system of planets to hop around on.
How could I achieve that on Switch, when all my sprites are 16x16 pixels?!

.. Could I achieve that using only 16x16 pixels?!

I grabbed the Switch and let the ideas flow, until eventually...

It's a bit chunky, but given the size of the sprites, I don't think it turned out too bad.
It looks great when spinning around, too.

So, yeah, I think that's probably going to be next Sunday/Monday's SmileBASIC game.

Hurray for TwitterBots*!

(*I hate TwitterBots)


Speaking of Space. I managed to get my little No Man's Sky ship up to the centre of the galaxy, yesterday.
There was nothing there, but it felt good to have done it.

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