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Lazy Day?
29th March 2021  
As I started to write today's blog, I struggled to remember what it was I did, yesterday..


I didn't work on the VidGen.
I didn't work on the Script Engine.
I didn't work on that version of Shut The Box that I'm supposed to be doing on Shoebox.
What DID I do, yesterday!?

And then I remembered.
I released a game, yesterday.
Oh yeah.

I'm up to 88 SmileBASIC games, now, meaning I'm only 12 games away from the "Double Cascade". I should probably start work on an epic 100th game, but I'm not really even sure what that would be.
I've contemplated doing a huge NeonPlat Adventures style thing, but the one thing putting me off doing that, is the menu system.
How to allow the user a giant sprawling mass of levels, without ending up creating a Mario-Style map screen.

Plus I'd have to draw all the characters again, and I'm not really in the mood for any more drawing chores, right now!


If you have any suggestions for what my big 100th SmileBASIC game could be, leave them in the comments below.

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New games every week!
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