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1st April 2021  
The Minesweeper game is coming together nicely.


The AI's still occasionally moronically dumb. I'm not 100% sure why, but it has a habit of picking up a coin, then going "Hey, I wonder what's sitting right next to it, on this uncovered square? KABOOM!!"
Other than that, though, the AI players seem to be playing the game reasonably well, even going so far as rushing for the coins. It's certainly one way to play it!!

The game could possibly be ready to go later on today, but I might hold it off for tomorrow, just to double check the AI code one last time.


Alan suggests.

Fair enough, but also no need to play the game of life on hard mode by not having a passing awareness of the basic building blocks. Kinda like having a Lego set that consisted solely of 2x2 blocks

Don't worry about the difficulty level. AGameAWeek has become alarmingly simple for me, lately. The hardest part is now coming up with do-able ideas which aren't 100% repetitive.
Trying to figure out a good coding puzzle is something that's been mostly absent other than doing the 100 or so AI's that I've been trying to scramble together.

If it gets "Hard", I'll stop. I usually do! See also : I still haven't finished that Pool game.

As for the 2x2 Lego pieces.
You make an awesome pixelart creation.
Use two layers, offset by 1 peg, so that the lower layer holds the upper layer together, then get spriting.

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