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Player Thoughts : Minesweepers
2nd April 2021  
As the games continue to splot out onto the web, so the comments and thoughts are returned.

Michael Fernie gives his thoughts on this week's Minesweepers game.


Interesting game.very fun. Like it a lot and the solo mode was a nice addition.

The Solo "diceless" Mode seemed important, but it occasionally makes me "grab" the board, when it's my turn in the multiplayer mode, and I forget about the dice.
I'll have a think about ways to solve that issue.
I'm currently considering that, simply letting you grab the playing piece, even if you can't yet move, is probably a good way to do it.

Quick question. The numbers in the box are how many mines are next to the box. Do the black and white colors mean anything. Doesnt seem like it but I cant tell 100%.

The black and white are only there for readability. With the playing pieces being in the middle of the square, doing the usual "Big number in the middle of the square" was entirely defeated.
I instead opted to place four smaller numbers in the corners of each square, but with them being smaller, it was even less readable. Making them black and white made things much clearer.

Though, apparently that's more confusing, too.

In the help you talk about the numbers. Might want to add something about them. It could a player might never have played MineSweeper.

In my opinion the game instructions should stand on their own without outside assumptions or information not presented.

I'll admit, that was an extremely last minute addition.
Like, I'd already uploaded the game, taken the screenshots, done the video, tested it on several devices/browsers, and then went "Ooops, forgot to add instructions!"

I'll get back in, and make them a little better.
Sorry about that

Keep up the good work!

I'll try!

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