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Wake Up, Jay!
4th April 2021  
7am, woke up with a banging headache.


Took a paracetamol, went back to sleep, and didn't wake up again until about half eleven.

Not good, when I've got so much to do, today.

Today's tasks
1. SmileBASIC : Finish off Clockwork Bananas.
The basics are in. The player's floating around. Collisions are happening.
I haven't yet decided on how best to spawn the bananas, yet, but it'll likely just be opposite sides of the screen, just to keep you fit and active!

Finish the gameplay, test, then it's time to do the uploading, capture the video, take the screenshots, draw a CoverArt, etc.

2. JSE : Add <>/!=
I added in a whole bunch of comparison stuff to the JSE yesterday, but somehow forgot "isn't"
<, <=, =<, >, >=, => and == are all in, and working.
The comparisons are using the maths functionality, so are currently stuck in an RPN scenario, like the rest of the maths.
They're also not really doing much yet, since I haven't added in an IF command to make use of them!!
But I can do Text 100,100,((Mills() 500 %) 250 < ) , 0 and it'll print 1's or 0's depending on the current milliseconds.
Proof of concept. Sure.
Now to make it actually function correctly!

I also need to come up with a Browsercade game for next week.

Happy Easter!

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