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4th April 2021  
If you're an Apple Music subscriber, and would like to listen to a curious collection of my musical picks, my JPicks Playlists are gathered together each month.


Whilst coding, I tend to listen to foreign music. I can't listen to many English lyrics before my head starts singing along and I either start writing lyrics instead of code, or I come out of my Coding trance entirely, and find it hard to get back in.

I also tend to stray away from Latin-based languages. Having done fairly well at French at school, and being the sort of person who understands language structure reasonably well, my head seems to latch on to certain words and phrases, and tries to translate them. I find this infinitely more distracting than English lyrics, as the coding/puzzling part of my mind finds that all too tempting, and I struggle to focus on what I'm trying to do.

As a result, a lot of my playlists are either Japanese, Korean or Chinese in origin. Either that or entirely instrumental.. Occasionally there's a nice English track, but not too often.
Thankfully, Apple Music is full of music from all over the world, and over the past year or so I've been collating playlists of choons that I've discovered along the way, dated by the month that I discovered the tracks. Not necessarily the months the tracks were released, just when I first heard them, and/or decided to add them to that month's playlist.

If you'd like to listen to these playlists, and are an Apple Music subscriber, I've made a list of the lists, here, and will attempt to keep this list updated for as long as I remember to update it!
(If not, you should be able to search Apple Music for JPicks and find them that way.)

The collections are eclectic, and disorganised, and probably best played in Shuffle mode!
Then simply tune out, and get back to coding.


March 2020 - 21 Songs, 1h:21m
April 2020 - 31 songs, 2h:03m
May 2020 - 14 songs, 53 minutes
June 2020 - 17 songs, 58 minutes
July 2020 - 16 songs, 58 minutes
August 2020 - 20 songs, 1h:18m
September 2020 - 13 songs, 48 minutes
October 2020 - 18 songs, 1h:15m
November 2020 - 20 songs, 1h:08m
December 2020 - 13 songs, 44 minutes


January 2021 - 30 songs, 1h:54m
February 2021 - 31 songs, 1h:58m
March 2021 - 16 songs, 1h:01m

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