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JSE - Day Seven'ish - Planning Ahead
5th April 2021  
Most of the tweaks to the JSE recently have been little bits over the past couple of days.


I've started to add comparisons into the mix. ==, <=, >=, != ,and similar, are all now working in the engine.

Currently they compare as they oughta, returning a 0 for false, and a 1 (or anything other than 0) for true.
All except for the "=" comparison. That isn't working yet. I'll probably go back to that at a later point, once I've got variables and assignments working properly. The "==" works fine, for now.

The next tasks are all fairly complicated.
1. The IF command, which not only has to handle those newly added comparisons, but also has to work over multiple lines, starting from the IF doing single-line with a THEN and no ENDIF, or multi-line with no THEN, and an ENDIF.
And skipping instances where the IF returns a false.

2. Fixing the maths so it's no longer RPN. I'm not 100% sure on the best technique to "unfold" maths, but I expect BODMAS is there for good reason!

3. Variables. I'm really hoping that I can rely on Javascript's "string as array key reference" functionality. If not, I'll have to build my own list in a key array, and refer to that, instead, switching values and references during the initial load task. It depends on which is faster. .. I expect my own method probably would be. Hmm...

Right then, plenty to work on.
I'll likely leave things for a couple of days and let my mind fizzle through the methodology a little.

.. But I'm also quite excited by how well it's all working, so far. Hopefully I don't rush ahead and ruin the work I've already done.

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