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7th April 2021  


Taking a couple of cues from a recent SmileBASIC game, Buggly's Grubs, but sticking with a simpler view, this week's Browsercade game will see a little frog type thing sliding down a set of poles, to reach the bottom.
The 3D effect was nice to have, but it made everything a bit more complicated to "read" and the game struggled as a result.

On the way down, there'll be easily seeable objects (probably spikes!) and a few collectables.

I'm not really sure if there's anything else to add, but I'll keep trying to come up with something.

It's a simple enough idea, which will hopefully be a little more enjoyable than Buggly's Grubs was, with everything being a little more mobile.
I think..


Really struggling to get that "Normal" to RPN converter working!!
I think my main issue is that I'm going character by character. Might be easier if I cut the entire thing into elements and shuffle those around, instead.
You'd think I'd've done that, already, but with brackets and commas and more in the way, it's alarmingly complicated to just say "This chunk"

References and Chunks.. That's the way to do it.
This was supposed to be the simple bit!!

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