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Rough Day
9th April 2021  
Yesterday's plan seemed perfect.


After hours of coding, I eventually gave up with the methodology I had planned.
It wasn't going to work, no matter how hard I tried.
I held down the Delete key for quite a while, yesterday.
I'll have a rethink, and maybe leave the idea to ferment for a few days.

In the meantime, I decided to start thinking about ways to get a few sprites into the Script Engine.
I've decided that having it command based is likely the easiest way, since any images would be copied with the script, instead of having to faff about with "To run this, first upload these images" sorts of things.
After all, one of the main reasons for this whole thing, is to have easily copy+pasteable examples within a forum environment. One user pastes the code, the other runs it, all without any additional faffing about.

The challenge, then, will be to allow for decent amounts of spriting, whilst also compressing the results down into as short a line of code as I can manage to get it.
A limited palette of colours will help reduce the amount of data needed, and on top of that, a specific image size. Then.. Compress the heck out of the results!

I imagine this is going to be a fairly complicated task, and although it's slowly coming together in my head, it is rather limited.
I have to keep in mind, however, that this is only a simple scripting engine. If it's going to be running any kinds of games, they'll be minigames at best. I don't need to create a huge game-making environment. Just the basics.

.. With all that bubbling around in my head, I was relaxing in bed, and thought "You know.. Maybe I should just finish off that sliding pole game.."
So, that's what I did. Between about 10pm and 1 in the morning, I sat and.. frankly, I coded pretty much ALL of the game!

If it looks like a rush job, that's because it most definitely is.
The fact that I couldn't then spell the word "Pole" correctly for its title, is a testament to just how fried my brain was, by that point.
Bah, humbug..

Today. I should probably rest my poor little head for a while.
Maybe hop into No Man's Sky for a little wander around.

.. Before hopping back into the coding, and getting this week's SmileBASIC game started!

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