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10th April 2021  
By this point, I've completely lost track of what day I'm up to.


It seems more like daily tweaks, and reattempts at getting the RPN switcheroo working, than entire days focussed on the engine.

Honestly, though, I'm starting to think that at this point it might be better to scrap the RPN functionality, entirely, and try a different method for getting things done.
Either way, though, I still need to take BODMAS into account.

Yesterday I managed to get the line "Print 12+3" to work, without any additional brackets, and with the maths symbol in the right place.
The line "Print 12+34*56" was incorrect, however, due to a lack of BODMAS.
It currently returns 2576, ((12+34)*56) but should be giving 1916 (12+(34*56))
Aaah, maths..

I'm also, somehow, managing to break string functionality, too.
It's all going crazy, if I'm honest.

Might be time to take a break, and let things settle down in my head.

A weekend's SmileBASIC game, oughta suffice.
I've kicked off a version of Follow The Path on the switch, which seems to be slightly more enjoyable than the current Browsercade edition. I've switched out "Green guy with white hat" for "generic ball" and the rolling mechanic has opened out a couple of extra options in the gameplay. .. Most notably that some of the tiles have gradients on them, making the ball roll in that direction.
The game is currently lacking spikes, but is still reasonably difficult.

I might rejig the Browsercade version, after this, and add a separate "Ball" mode!

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