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Today's Tasks..
17th April 2021  
The todo list reduces as the week draws to a close..


1. Still haven't done that SmileBASIC game.
2. Still haven't sussed the BODMAS stuff in the Script Engine.
3. Add some icons and extra functionality to the Sprite Editor.

That's not a horrific amount to do, if I'm honest. It's quite a reasonable Saturday set of chores.

Icons for Sprite Editor will be basic things like Paint, Box, Oval, Fill, Copy, Paste and the dreaded Undo. (The amount of memory being used by the Script Engine, so far, is staggering!!)

I'd also like to test out basic Variable functionality, but I think I should probably leave that for another day, and instead get that SmileBASIC game finished.

But BODMAS is more important, anyway. There's no point being able to add A and B, then multiply by C, if the language is supposed to first multiply B and C, then add A!!!
Priorities, Jay!

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New games every week!
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