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What If You Just Die?
20th April 2021  
As I struggled to come up with a nice "Dice battle" methodology, the thought occurred that the enemy could just kill you..


Stripping the concept back to basics and rethinking it, with the Garden Of Spikes fresh in my mind, I ended up with the above maze layout.
I'm thinking something like a reverse-Pacman style thing.
All the players start off in the middle of the board, and an enemy is spawned at a specific nearby point on the board.
You each roll, you all move, then the enemy has a go.
You cannot kill the enemy, but the enemy can insta-kill you.

Your task is to run around the board and pick up the objects (probably coins) scattered throughout.
The game is over when you're all dead, and the winner is the one with the most coins.
Coins (if indeed they are coins) will respawn.. Possibly over time, but I'm thinking it might be more adventurous if they span from the baddie. Maybe the baddie is pooping coins?!!?!
That way, the challenge will be to get close enough to the baddie to grab the coins, but not so close that he can roll a 6 and stomp on you.

I've coloured some squares orange, which will be the "Bonus" squares. Quite what they'll do, not sure yet. Maybe you'll draw a card, and get bonus points, or stun the enemy for a turn, or something to that effect.
Maybe there'll be bad cards, and you'll have to miss a turn!?


Since the enemy is going to be 100% undefeatable, I figured Idigidragon would be a good character for this one.
Generic tokens for the players, and a great big stomping Idigidragon to gobble them all up!

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!

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