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A Terrible Day
24th April 2021  
I guess that Covid Jab hit me, after all.


What started out as a seemingly normal day, slowly wound down until there was no energy left to do anything.
In the morning, I managed to make a start on a new SmileBASIC game. A generic endlessly scrolling set of platforms, scrolling downwards, and you having to jump up to the different platforms, and keep yourself from hitting the bottom of the screen.
A fairly decent engine, and a good start for a game.

I'm thinking, maybe guns..!?!
I don't usually DO guns, other than space lasers, but this one definitely feels like it could do with evil baddies and guns and things..

Either that or Spikes!!


I dug out the JSE and started to battle the code once more.
I made a quick and simple test script that showed off a very obvious error, then read through the parser two or three times, at varying parts of conversion.
It's now quite obvious what I have to do in order to get things to work out properly. It's all about adding brackets around sections of the code, so that it makes sense to the parser.
But I'd rather not force.. you.. to have to do that.
Instead, I need to get the script to intelligently figure out where those brackets oughta be, and put them in without breaking the script's logic..

Text((100+30),(128+50),("This Works - "+ Rand(0,2)+(Mills(1)*32)) ) Text((100+30),(128+62),("This Doesn't - "+(Rand(0,2)+Mills() ) ))
Open JSE

The difference in the above two lines is extremely subtle, and is all down to the brackets, but one works and the other doesn't.
It's all down to how the script is (or isn't!) understood by the parser.
I need to either figure out a way to put the brackets around things, or alternatively write a better parser in the first place...
.. hmm..

Ideally, the code YOU should be able to type would be much less bracketty.
Text 100+30,128+50,"Workish - "+ Rand(0,2)+(Mills(1)*32)
Open JSE

..would be a viable goal.
Getting the engine to read that, parse it properly, and hopefully do the BODMAS stuff, too, would be perfection.
But getting there.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

And then it hit me, like a ball of exhaustion wrapped in a layer of giving up.

I ended up sleeping for more of the evening, right through until this morning.
That's definitely an after-effect of the jab. It wasn't the 24-hour sleepathon that it was last time, but it's absolutely not the type of sleep that I normally have.
Next Door had their usual Friday Night, loud music, drum and bass, headbanging music on all night, but I wasn't bothered in the slightest, and snored throughout.

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