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27th April 2021  
Switching from 2 values per line to 3 values per line was indeed exceedingly complicated.
I should probably have accounted for further values in the future, and will now be kicking myself that I haven't.

Ho hum..


The engine is now back to an "almost" working standard, and we welcome back our original test script to help ensure everything's working fine, and weasel out any new issues that might have cropped up along the way.
Have any new issues cropped up along the way?

Sure have!!

In the above shot, the left side works, the right side doesn't.
The code is a simple Text 100,160,"Hello"+" World",0
The right one has brackets around the addition, the left does not.
The "compiled" results are listed below, and on line 8 of the right hand code, it makes a reference to value 01xxxx..

000000 is 100,
000100 is 160
000200 is the result of 010000 ("Hello"+" World")
000300 is 0
Then Text is called, which takes those values as the parameters of the command.

The issue, however, is that the reference isn't being used properly.
Instead of reading it as "000200 should be 010000", it's instead keeping hold of the reference, and sending "iText" directly to 010000, instead of the 000000 that it oughta be.

I really doubt that any of that makes sense to the types of people who are just here to play games! And I apologise for that..

But, suffice to say, things are closer to working properly and the work I've done over the past few days has indeed been somewhat fruitful.
Now, instead of bracket issues, I'm dealing with reference issues.
Those are (I hope) easier to manage.

Oh, and I still haven't got BODMAS working, yet.
Really do need to get that sorted!

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