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JSE - Pitfalls
8th May 2021  
Here are a couple of things that currently aren't working right in JSE.
Please try to avoid them!


1. Command OpenBracket Parameter1 CloseBracket Comma Parameter2
This seems "well, duh", but it's alarmingly simple to reproduce.
Text (100+30)*2,200,"Hello",1
Will set this off.
It "looks" ok, and honestly it "should" be ok, but right now it's assuming the bracketed bit is the entire set of parameters, and then getting slightly baffled as to why you've written anything else, next to it.

The solution to this issue is an extra set of brackets wrapped around everything.
will work perfectly fine.

2. If This Then
An odd quirk..
If This Then That
Works perfectly fine.

If This

also works great.

If This Then

currently breaks. Not sure why. Something to do with that errant "Then" being there.
Looking into ways to fix that, but for now, try to avoid adding that extra Then!

3. Arrays
Arrays don't work at all, because I haven't coded them yet.
Well, I say that.. I've coded them three times, so far, and each time has resulted in a horrific mess, so I've stripped it back out again.
I need to rethink how I'm doing them, I think.

Otherwise, I *think* everything's working like it should.?!

If you spot anything else, please do let me know.

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