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17th May 2021  


As I dug deep into the code that handled the Project List, and was midway through getting some really odd issues sorted out, Pakz suddenly popped up to notify me that something had gone haywire in the Mobile/Portrait view of the thing.
Something really messy about the border, overlaying on top of the "screen", and ..

A small amount of scaling work I'd done before starting the Project List was glitching out in ways I wasn't expecting.
I had to drop the Project List work, and dig back into the scaling again.

I think it's working again.

Currently, the new project list looks more or less the same as the old one, except it's not a permanent onscreen element. Click the top-left folder thing to open that up.
Like I say, it's pretty much the same as the old one, right now. After jumping through oodles of hoops, I finally got that much working!
It'll do for today. My head's completely warped with all of today's issues!!

Tomorrow I'll try adding more functionality to it. Folders, Jay, Folders!!!

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New games every week!
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