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JSE - Alignment
22nd May 2021  


The middle checkered square is a text character.
The yellow cross is made up of Rect's.
And the green and red shapes are Symbols.
All together, they're .. misaligned..

And it doesn't help that different browsers seem to misalign them in slightly different ways.
Most notably is the font, which goes off in any which way it darn well pleases.

I think this'll probably be today's task.
Trying to figure out exactly what's doing what and why.

Also, what on earth is going on with Firefox, being all extra vibrant and jazzy!!?!

Here's the JSE code if you want to test it for yourself, though do understand that the graphics resolution is set so low, and scaled up so large, that... I would hope in most real-world cases, this isn't "too" noticeable.

That font, though.

// Alignment Test // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/5/22 Symbol 0,"0__P_0!PP0!PP0!PP0!PP0!PP0!P_"; Symbol 1,"2__0_0,4@0_0_0.4_4,0_0_4_4/0_0!4_4_0_0.4_4_440_004_4_4.0_4_4_4!0/4_4_4@0?4_4_4_40.4_4_4_40,4_4_4_4,004_4_4_4,04_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4_4.04_4_4_4,004_4_4_4,0,4_4_4_40.4_4_4_40?4_4_4@0/4_4_4!0_4_4_4.0_004_4_440_0.4_4_0_0!4_4/0_0_4_4,0_0_0.4@"; Graphics 64,64,1 CLS 0,0,128 SetCol 255,255,0 SetFont 1 SetFontSize 8 dx=32:dy=32 rect dx,dy,24,8,1 Rect dx,dy,8,24,1 SetCol 255,0,0 Text dx,dy,Chr(127),1 SetSize 0.25 DrawImg dx-8,dy-8,0 DrawImg dx+8,dy+8,0 DrawImg dx+8,dy-8,1 DrawImg dx-8,dy+8,1

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