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A Late Start
23rd May 2021  
I awoke at 3am, with the intention of fixing a fairly substantial issue in JSE..


Sometimes, the code box gets slow and weirdly laggy.
I'm really not sure why it's happening, and late night experimentations last night proved unfruitful in finding the culprit.
Occasionally, trying to edit inside the box becomes so laggy that I can type a word and watch as it fills in afterwards.
It's really odd.

The behaviour is made all the more obscure by the fact that, should I double click inside the code box, the lag completely vanishes..
It's SUCH a weird thing, and as with all of these bizarro types of issues, it's only happening in certain browsers, at certain points in time.

Give it a try, and see if it's happening to you, too.
Open the Symbol editor, draw a scribble, close the Symbol editor, then click inside the code box, and mash a bunch of keys the keyboard...
It might lag.
It might not.
It's seemingly random.

Then double click into the code box and mash again..
Problem gone.

No idea!!


I used all manner of debug tools to try to track it down. I think it's got something to do with the redrawing of the screen, but quite why that doesn't seem to matter after a double click...?

I hate bugs like this!

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