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JSE - Taking My Mind Off Alignments
25th May 2021  
Here I am, fighting like crazy with that odd alignment issue, just as Font Maker Damien G pops along to try out the JSE engine.


Probably should've fixed this before asking him to try it out.
Probably should've fixed this, as is, if I'm honest.
But nope. It's not done yet.
So, how to take my mind off it?

How about a new command?

Over the past couple of decades, I've built up a rather standardised frontend in most of my games.
Highscore table on the right, alongside the last few scores. Titlecard in the middle. Icon in the background.
It's rather simplistic, but it lets me concentrate on just making the gamey-bit, and not worry about the rest.

The rest is, of course, a rather chaotic amount of behind-the-scenes code that (hopefully) nobody ever has to look at, (see the code in my SmileBASIC games for a right horror show!) but if I'm going to add that kind of functionality to JSE, I'm going to have to think through things in a little more off-the-wall, and "single command" style.


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I'd say that's a minor success.
The code isn't 100% finalised yet, so expect tweaks in the next day or so.
The "framework" can cope with multiple gameplay types (eg, Easy, Normal, Hard), handles highscore saving and the like. Just be sure to keep using the Score variable, and all will work out just fine.
(Apologies for lack of documentation, yet. That's coming once I'm done!)

I now need to add a pause menu and such, and also think about adding that lovely grid for things like a giant sprawling Shoebox style level select.
And scrolling for the menu, too. It's not doing that yet, so if you make a game with 10 different gameplay types, it just plain won't fit on the screen!
But .. As far as a single day's work goes, it's not too shabby.

// A Rather Short Game // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/5/24 Symbol 0,"1__0!;.0_00;!0_;@0@;@0@;@0@;@0_;!0_0;!0_00;.0_0,;.0_0.;;0_0_0_0,;;0_0.;.0_0,;.0_0.;;"; GameHandler("A Rather|Short|Game") .StartGame GameColor=jRand(0,360) Return .Ingame CLS:InkRot GameColor,0.5,1:SetFontSize 32 Text 100,100,Score : Text ScreenWidth/2,ScreenHeight*0.75,"Tap to End",1 If GamePadHit>0 or MouseHit>0 then EndGame "Oh no. The game has ended!" if GameOver==0 then Score=Score+1 Return

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