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JSE - Scaling Issue?
26th May 2021  
Michael Fernie got in touch to inquire about a particular issue he's having.


JSE is really broken for me. I 'upgraded' to the new version and now the scale of everything is really messed up. Using the symbol editor has the right preview panels overapping the tools on the bottom. Then starting to run my project and it's like the graphic mode is being set lower than requested. All the text and graphics are bigger. It's very odd. Have you had any issues?


Over the past few days I have indeed been fiddling with the scaling, but I'm about 90% sure that I only tweaked the font stuff.

I keep referring back to Old Faithful, the original test that I wrote way back at the start of this adventure.

As far as I can tell, those are spot on, other than the font.
I know the font is "wrong", and it definitely does look like the resolution's dropped.
But in actual fact, I've been working on making the font scaling "better"

As an example of the slightly dodgy alignment work I've been doing, you can throw this into the JSE engine..
// Scaling Test // by Jayenkai // Created 2021-05-26 Symbol 0,"2__;_;_;_;!v_v_v_v,;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v;_;_;_;v;;v_v_v_v,;_;_;_;!"; Symbol 1,"0__002.0,2!02_2_2_2?02!0,2."; Border 32,32,80;Graphics 400,300,1;AntiAlias False SetFont "CPC";SetFontSize 32 DrawImage 100,100,0; Rect 200,100,32,32,1; Text 300,100,Chr$(143),1 SetFontSize 8 Text 100,150,"Symbol",1; Text 200,150,"Shape",1; Text 300,150,"Font",1 SetFontSize 32 DrawImage 100,200,1; SetCol 128,255,128; Oval 200,200,32,32,32; SetCol 128,128,255; Text 300,200,Chr$(202),1

The Symbol is 32x32 pixels.
The Rectangle is 32x32 pixels.
The Font is Size 32.
And everything is the same size on the screen.

Previously, you'd have to do some crazy tweaky maths to get just the right size of font, but now the numbers should hopefully be a little easier to work with.
I apologise that this has inadvertently messed up a few previous bits of font code, but I would hope that that's the only thing that's changed.
Just the font.
I think..
I'm fairly sure that's all that's happened!!

Of course, if you've spotted anything that's absolutely broken because of my recent tweaking, do please let me know. I only see what I'm looking at. You're often seeing things that I'm not.

Thanks for any help you can give, in getting me to fix my breakages

Also, yes, the symbol editor is apparently getting worse and worse each time I "fix" it, and I need to rethink the entire thing. I'll probably scrap everything and start again, as far as that interface is concerned.

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