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JSE - Else 2 : Electric Boogaloo
27th May 2021  
I've reworked most of the Else code.


I *think* it now works.. um.. better, shall we say?
You can still trip it up if you do a single-line style thing, but then If's also break midline, too.
If this then if that then DoThis will frequently break, so doing the same with an else is basically trouble waiting to happen!!

Of course, I'm not the biggest fan of the Else command, so my tests have only been minor and "test"-like scenarios.
If you're using them properly, let me know if they actually work properly! Else I have to fix 'em again!


Yesterday's experiments with the link-import seemed to work out rather well.
I now need to add a proper button instead of a bland looking text link, and should also attempt to do the same over on SoCoder, too.

Not sure on what that button might look like, but the little 8x8 pixel JSE logo feels like it could come in handy!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Alignment issues are still plaguing me. I'm now wondering how hard it would be to do a background alignment test in the engine itself. Draw a rect, draw a font chr, then use the engine itself to see how far too they are, and offset text commands based on the result.
That should work, right?!

Just need to figure out a quick way to read pixels from the canvas. Should be easy enough...?!

Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

I swear, I'll get back to making games, soon!!!

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