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Operatic Hurdle
28th May 2021  
If I could sing in a Operatic fashion, the lyrics would be unprintable due to their explicit swearing nature.


Guess who forgot to check an important browser for compatibility!?!
This guy! <---

Opera's broke, somewhere along the lines. fails to run.
It seems to be an ApplicationCache issue, and as I type this, I remember now that I switched out the AppCache stuff for ServiceWorker stuff, using that "upup" script.
I did it on Shoebox and Browsercade, but never got around to it on SpikeDislike, and.. Hey, that's the one that's failing!!
I'm going to have to faff about and get that doing the upup thing, too.

Lesson Learned : Never ignore any of the 100,000 browsers, because one of them is going to break!!

Thanks to @HumanlessGame for pointing this out, earlier today.
Very much appreciated.

Humanless is a nice little upcoming retro platform/shooter game, and a demo is available on Steam.
Looks nice.


Over on JSE, the alignment stuff seems to be holding up, which is good, and so far I've not heard anything bad about the new version of the Else command.

The current todo-list looks like so..
. The Minus Issue. Print -5
. The Early Bracket Issue. Print (a+b)-c
. If's mid-line. Better line-feed functionality required
. Scrolling is still Funky. I might need a Paper command to solve that.
. != and NOT still are NOT working. + Xor.
. Ignore the first Flip when in GameHandler(), since the GameHandler handles the Flip itself.
. Symbol Editor

.. I'm sure that's grown, since yesterday!

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