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Rest Period
2nd June 2021  


Might've been overdoing it these past couple of weeks, as an insane amount of RSI strikes my wrists yet again.
I'll probably go a bit easier for the next few days.

Yesterday I started compiling various examples and a few quick games into a .php script, ready for the main site to pick and choose between them.
Seems simplistic enough, but now I need to code the interface on the main site to allow users to do just that.

Then I also need to code something so that a link on AGameAWeek can open JSE, tell JSE to open a script from the "archive", and load that in without any additional buttons to push.

There are currently 10 examples and 5 games in the project list. More than enough to get you playing around, but I feel like there oughta be more examples in the mix.
I might do some more copyright theft, and dig out a few actual examples and games from the Amstrad Manual!!


But first, a little rest.
I've not played No Man's Sky for a while, so that'll probably be today's method of resting.
A nice big wander through mushroom filled fields.

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New games every week!
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