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4th June 2021  
1. Arrays "Fixed"


"Fixed" being "As far as I can find ways to break them"!!
The Arrays should now function correctly, and hopefully won't do things they shouldn't be doing.
Of course, if you find anything awry, do let me know.

2. Fixed the font list a little bit.
I shunted the ZX Origins fonts across a tiny bit, so the link-icons fit better on the screen. Hoorah!

3. PreProcessors.
#DEFINE, #IF and #ENDIF are all part of the engine. There's not a lot of magical things that can happen as a result of the PreProcessors, but Michael Fernie considered them essential, so .. in they go!
There's also a #REM and #ENDREM to let you chop out chunks of code, and I intend to add more default PreProcessor values into the mix.
Obviously ones for the FPS display toggle, and OnscreenController toggle, but .. What to call those?

And then..

4. Another rewrite of the Symbol Editor.
Although it isn't 100% complete yet, the new (seventh!?!) edition of the Symbol Editor is at least fully functional.
You can scrollwheel to zoom in and out, and also hold the right mouse button to scroll. (I previously hadn't added "Right Mouse = Alt-Colour" because I'm not 100% sure that Right Mouse will always work on browsers/setups. .. So, don't expect it to!!!)

What I now need to do is work out how to do the multi-touch pinch+zoom+scroll stuff, and implement that into the editor, too. From past attempts (Foldapuz-Unfolded and Shoebox) it hasn't been a joyous adventure, having to work out the maths to zoom with the middle of your fingers acting as the midpoint of the zoom.

But for now, the new GUI layout is MUCH better, there's a decent amount of space for the Symbol at default zoom, and it should hopefully be easier to use. (Tap the coloured square for the colour palette)

Apologies, however, that I've moved everything again!! Sorry!!!

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