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JSE - Array Glitches
7th June 2021  
I'm still getting occasional freakouts with arrays..


I previously thought it was an error with "Too many arrays on a line", before realising it was something much more obvious, to do with the way the parser was trying to understand the arrays.
I fixed that, so now everything is golden!

.. Except for the stuff that isn't, and yesterday's Breakout test-work showed off a ton of flaws.
Today I'll see if I can figure out exactly what's going on.
I need to try and find the smallest possible example of it happening, then switch to "Show me EVERYTHING the parser's doing" mode, and basically sit here reading hundreds of lines of debug output until I can figure it out.

Oh, the fun!!


I've started work on a few Symbol Palettes.
These are different to regular UsePalette palettes, and are specific to the Symbol Editor.
To allow for a greater range of colours, I've created a shadows palette, a midtones one, and a light/pastel palette, too. There's also hue-based palettes, one for reds, one for greens and one for blues. I'm also going to add specific palettes for the systems, too, but need to find a way to reuse the data I already have to do that, instead of rewriting the entire bloomin' thing!!

Will all this be useful!? *shrugs*

I now need to figure out a place to put this option.

This is per-symbol, btw. If you look at SymbolData, you'll see two _'s right at the start. That first _ will now be used to store the palette number.
The second _ is still reserved for future use. .. Haven't got a clue what use that will be, but it's there, none-the-less!!

A little more GUI work, and then I'll upload that new stuff for you to play with.
... Aaargh, GUI work!!!

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