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JSE - Symbol Colours
8th June 2021  
The Symbol Palettes are ready to use.


I opted against doing System palettes in the symbol editor, since setting a "UsePalette" before the Symbol command already ensures the symbols are drawn in that palettes.
Instead, the options are Normal, Highlights, Midtones, Shadows, Reds, Greens and Blues.
(More can be added later, so feel free to suggest some)

The option to change a symbol's palette is in the Colour Picker, where it seemed to be most appropriate.
Clicking it will instantly change the current symbol, and you can see the result in the updated symbol selector along the bottom of the screen.
Note that you can't for example pick and choose colours from the Reds palette alongside those from the Shadows. It's one palette only.

But, like I said, you can also then combine the Symbol palettes with the System palettes, and end up with all manner of different possibilities.

To illustrate the possible results, here's a nice new example.

// Symbol Palettes // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/6/7 // This example draws Symbols using each of the 7 available Symbol palettes // But does so within each of the 5 available System palette limits click=1 Graphics 512,512,1 AA False pal=Neg(1) Repeat Cls if click==1 pal=pal+1 if pal==0 or pal>4 then paln="32bit":pal=0 if pal==1 then paln="cpc" if pal==2 then paln="c64" if pal==3 then paln="zx" if pal==4 then paln="bbc" UsePalette paln click=0 // Redraw Sprites using new System palette // Note how, setting the UsePalette before the Symbol command, it then uses the Palette limit when drawing the Symbol. Symbol 0,"0__7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; Symbol 1,"01_7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; Symbol 2,"02_7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; Symbol 3,"03_7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; Symbol 4,"04_7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; Symbol 5,"05_7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; Symbol 6,"06_7ELSZgnu6DKRYfmt5CJQXels4BIPWdkr3AHOVcjq29GNUbip18FMTaho0vwxyz:;"; endif ResetDraw x=64;y=64 for n=0 to 6 SetSize 3,3 DrawImg x,y,n SetSize 1,1;SetFontSize 8 if n==0 then Text x,y+64,"Normal",1 if n==1 then Text x,y+64,"Highlights",1 if n==2 then Text x,y+64,"Midtones",1 if n==3 then Text x,y+64,"Shadows",1 if n==4 then Text x,y+64,"Reds",1 if n==5 then Text x,y+64,"Greens",1 if n==6 then Text x,y+64,"Blues",1 x=x+128; if x>512 then x=64;y=y+160 next Text 256,460,"Click for More",1 SetFontSize 48 Text 256,420,paln,1 If MouseHit() then click=1 Flip Forever

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