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8th July 2021  
I finally managed to stumble my way through to finding my alt-player's Base in No Man's Sky!


I've been playing No Man's Sky using the Xbox Cloud setup.
It's ... playable, but with frequently annoying lag, and a really frustrating clicky noise constantly going on when the stream isn't 100,000% perfect. (Which is alarmingly often)

But I've carried on.
The setup works "enough" that No Man's Sky is playable. Of course, this is with me avoiding any kind of battle or dangerous endeavour as the lag would make that completely unplayable. But nice relaxing strolls around planets is entirely doable.

And so, a couple of days ago, I used a portal to shortcut my travel to the same planet as my PS4 character, and then started hunting the planet for signs of my other life.
It took AGES to find my base.

After hours of aimless wandering, I eventually reached the approximate location, based on the teensy tiny little globe that shows up in the options menu, and then all of a sudden the Save Beacon that I'd set up on the PS4 sprung to life.

On the left, Jayenkai-Xbox. On the right, Jayenkai-PS4.
They're actually standing there together, at exactly the same time.
Not that you can tell, of course, because the two versions aren't interacting.

Not really sure what else to try, now.
I've reached somewhat of an end-goal as far as reaching the base goes.
Now there's not much else to do in NMS but to carry on aimlessly wander around, and ... I can do that just as well from my PS4, and it doesn't go "clicky clicky clicky" whenever the audio doesn't buffer well, and it also doesn't have nearly as much lag.

So, is that it for Gamepass Streaming?
I can't imagine I'd use it for anything else, given my lag experience.
I might have a play around, tonight, with some of the other games available on GamePass and see how well they work, but .. I think I've seen enough.

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