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JSE - Attempting a "Proper" game
9th July 2021  
Yesterday I started to think about doing a "proper" game with JSE.


Futrino seems ideal for this.
It uses a large tilemap, has enemies and bullets to take care of, colliding with each other, and all things oughta collide with the tilemap.
I rejigged a few of the sprites, organised them into a neater spritesheet and then imported them with the new Symbol Import button.

Next, I made a fairly short loop to build the level..
10x10 rooms, 14x8 tiles per room.
Currently it isn't filling in any objects in the rooms, nor doors or anything like that. It's a simple "Empty, with walls" loop, and no-doubt adding more complex things will slow it down a little more, but for now it's generating the level in about 4 seconds, give or take.

Once done, the tilemap's drawn to screen, and the ship is static but for button movement. (ie no floatiness has yet been added)
But you can navigate between screens and the tilemap does indeed do that "swoop" between "screens" like it should.

All is golden!!
... So far..
But without any gameplay yet, and it's already hitting the 37% mark.

Next I need to add physics, and some collision detection. This will be the true test of how well I've coded all of this stuff. Tilemaps to sprites and back again.

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