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11th July 2021  
I had a bit of a "No Dev, Please!" day, yesterday.


I struggled to get into gamedev, so instead switched into Player mode.
hours of gameplay, first a few unplayed PS4 Plus titles that had gathered on the system over the past months, and then some Xbox Cloud games.
Playing Local-PS4 streamed games next to the online Xbox ones really showed off just how horribly laggy the Xbox Cloud thing can be.

I posted mini-thoughts of each game over at SoCoder, so if you'd like to see brief reports on the games I tried, you can find a list of PS4 games here, and a fewXbox Cloud ones here.

Suffice to say, I decided to end my Xbox Cloud efforts there, and have now unsubscribed.
Aw well..

It was fun..
.. For that one game.


Also over at SoCoder, ProHiScore asked about what tools I use for Music and Sound, so I wrote a nice rambling post about that, Here.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

The past couple of days have seen a few additions to JSE.

Search box in Project List - At the top of the Project List is now a handy box you can type into, to filter the names of projects.

Swap a,b - Swaps the values of two variables. Doesn't work for Arrays. Hmm..
sgn (+/-) - Returns -1 for a negative number, 1 for a positive number or 0 for .... zero!
asin/acos - I added atan ages ago.. Not sure why I didn't add asin/acos, to go along with it.
Replace / ReplaceAll - Simple replace functions for strings.
ReplaceAt/InsertString - places string b into string a, at position c, via either replace or insert methods. Maybe that should be InsertAt? Hmmm...

Handy commands, but nothing particularly amazing.

Incidentally, I also added Inc and Dec, but ultimately removed them.
Inc a was a teensy bit faster than a=a+1, but Inc a,b was oddly a heck of a lot slower than a=a+b
I decided that, in the end, I might as well stick with the classic.

Back to Gamedev

Today I have.. Most of an entire SmileBASIC game to code.

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