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12th July 2021  
OK, the shooting is in the SmileBASIC version of Futrino Emissions.


The baddies also spawn, and happily shoot around the maze.
There's still no actual goal to the game yet, though.
I need to add disks to find around the maze, to give the player something to do, as well as perhaps spawning extra baddies from some of the crate/barrel things.

I haven't added any powerups. The last time I did that, the powerups were far too overpowering.
Instead, then, I've made the enemies into turrets that spawn around the edges of each room and fire at intervals.
Everything's that much more difficult, and .. hopefully a bit more playable as a result.

I'll be testing it for balance today, and we'll see where we go from there.

... Timing, though. Ugh.
Busy day ahead.

(And, don't worry, the JSE edition is roughly at the same stage.)

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