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JSE - Optimising More
14th July 2021  
Spent a couple of hours in the morning trying to optimise JSE a little more.


I'll be honest.. It's not going well!

I think I've managed to whittle down everything I can find in the script. Instead of incredible leaps in speed, I'm now getting subtle tweaks, here and there.
Which is a shame, because, boy can it be slow!!

But I have done a TON to speed it up.

On this page with "Optimisationalism" code, from just a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that it was averaging about 90. I'd happily got it from 130 mills per frame, down to 90, and that was awesome.

If I run that NOW, same browser, same system, only the underlying JSE code has changed.. It's averaging about 38 mills.

That's a staggering amount of speedup, and all the little nips and tucks have indeed been worth it.

Yet, at the same time, trying to run the Futrino test on a 2018 Samsung Galaxy Tab proved to be a terribly slow event, with the level-builder progress bar taking around about 5 minutes to reach the other side.

Another thing I need to fix, is that if the site hasn't yet loaded the .xm mod template file when the JMTrackr command is used, the JMTrackr code crashes horribly, taking the whole site down with it.
I honestly thought my recent caching addition might've fixed that, but..

And it's one of those "once it's cached, it's hard to test" things. Might have to play around with the evil "Delete Browser Cache" button to test this one!!
*backs up code*

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