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JSE - 92
17th July 2021  
Discovered the oddest thing, yesterday.


On Safari, and ONLY Safari (but Mac and also iOS editions), as soon as you hit 92 sprites, the CPU Load value skyrockets.

I *think* it's to do with the fact that the Symbols are still Canvases, and that I'm hitting some sort of limit on drawing canvas onto canvas.
So, I dug deep (again) and rewrote the Symbol code.
Instead of having the Symbols as Canvas, I made duplicates of the symbols as Raw Image.
I took time to ensure it loaded all Symbols before converting them, so it wouldn't clog up the browser doing so, and then I finally got things working..

.. Except now in Safari the whole framerate drops to 30fps when it hits 92..
What on earth is THAT about?!
And every other browser slowed down infinitely worse.

This was the second day in a row that I held down Ctrl+Z.

The thing's back to where it was, until I can fathom a better way to handle it, with its odd 92 incident and all.

Turn on FPS display mode, try out the following example, and let me know what happens on your system/browser once you hit 92...

// Sprite Test // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/7/16 DebugMode On Symbol 0,"0__4.0.440!404AA0,40A4AA0.AA4A0?AA40@40@4"; q=90 Graphics 512,512,1 repeat cls SeedRnd 1 if MouseHit() then q=q+1 for m=0 to q SetRot (m+Mills()*0.1) SetSize Rnd(0.5,2),2 DrawImg Rand(0,512),Rand(0,512),0,Rand(0,9) next ResetDraw Text 32,32,q,1 flip forever

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