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Lazy Day
18th July 2021  
OMG, It's too hot!!


I didn't get an awful lot of coding done, yesterday, but once the giant ball of flames had settled down, at around 2 in the morning, I was found sat on the couch getting a bit of cool night coding done.

I managed to get some of "Blockman Classic" (the platformer) on Switch done.
The game is currently at a "not much of a game" state.
You can roam around, collect the blocklets, take them home and score combos for many in a row.

Today I need to add the evil ghosties, and from there the game should finally take form.

Today's todo list.
1. Add ghosts
2. Design a few levels
3. Possibly draw different tilesets?! Though I'm not sure how well those would work out. I'm already having weird glitches with the standard blocks, due to how they're overlapping for that extruded 3D look.

It's working, though, which is nice.
Just have to figure out that darn Diagonal bug again, where the player can jump "into" a block at a diagonal angle.

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