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20th July 2021  
More subtle optimising again, yesterday.


I've now got three browsers installed on the Mac. Safari, Firefox and Opera. (Previous tests in Opera were done on the Remote-Desktop'd Windows system)

Maaaan, is everything faster in Opera!
Of course, that doesn't help fix up the slowness of the other two, but it sure is nice to see the engine fly at an infinitely more stable speed!

I was hoping that adding Opera into the mix might've given me a different set of developer stats to study, but the dev-tools seem to be more or less identical to everything else Chromium-based.

I discovered, though, that if I run the "Optimisationalism" test in Firefox, then stop running it, and leave it for about a minute, then run it again... It's insanely quick.
So, I think whatever optimising Firefox is doing in the background, must be the same sort of optimising that Opera does the instant the script loads.

Now I need to figure out exactly what that optimising is, and how I can put it into action in the actual script.

Meanwhile, Safari's still carrying on if nothing's changed.

It doesn't help that the more I tweak, the harder it's getting to test the tweak at all. I'm having to write more and more complex test scripts to ensure the engine's running slowly enough to be a noticeable change when I do try out a new optimisation
Additionally, it's REALLY hard to test on Safari, as, even for Local files, it seems to be faffing about with caching the files. To test a simple tweak, I end up having to rename all the files to force it to load the new version.
Over and over and over again!

I keep saying I need to dig out the old Windows laptop to do extra tests, and I think that's probably going to be today's task.
Back to slowness!!
It'll do me good.

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