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Slowly Does It
21st July 2021  
.. or rather, doesn't do anything!


We're in the middle of a heatwave, here in the UK, and my coding's slowed to a crawl.
I keep trying to do little bits here and there, but in general my days have been spent doing much the same as the cat. Wandering around the house, looking for a cool spot where I can have a ten minute nap to recharge myself!

It's the kind of weather that makes you consider getting some kind of super-powerful fan, or air conditioning set up, but you know it's only a single week in the year.
It'll be over, soon enough, and then you'll have wasted your money. .. Until next year.


Tweaks in JSE have been quite fruitful over the past few days, and I'm quite happy with how it's managing to speed up, even if it is only a tiny bit at a time.
It all adds up, and I'll keep on tweaking until I honestly can't think of anything else whatsoever to do that can make it a little better.

So, what's next for JSE?
Well, I still have that great big todo list that I posted the other day, but haven't touched. Ooops!
I also need to come up with a good idea for this week's SmileBASIC game.
I have two rough ideas in mind, but I'm now sure how to achieve either of them.

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