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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
26th July 2021  


About a month or two ago, we got some nice new IP-based security cameras, and the installation and setup went silky smooth.

Until last night, when I had to restart the router, and none of the cameras had reserved IP addresses, so I ended up having to faff about for a good half-hour or so to figure out where they all were, and reset my NAS drive to find them again.
I've now reserved their IP addresses on the network, and hopefully this won't be an issue again, but..



I opened up the .php file to render the Poetry Corner like I do every morning and..
"zsh: killed php"
On my MacBook Air M1, the "brew" installed version of PHP was no longer running.
I tried a quick brew reinstall php@8.0, but once finished it still did the same thing.

I had a good hunt around the net, and of all the answers I found, this one seemed to work.

First, uninstall brew completely.

then reinstall brew
cd /opt
mkdir homebrew # if not exist, just create one.
curl -L | tar xz --strip 1 -C homebrew

After that, do the usual brew install php@8.0, or whatever you want running, and .. it should do.

Silly breaking things..
The Mac did do a fairly lengthy update, yesterday, though.
Even though I'm not on the Beta path, I was surprised it was such a large update, and I reckon some sort of security thing probably got in the way, there.

I expect to be doing this again once I eventually upgrade to the newer MacOS version.

Today will be a day of fixing things, I imagine, but before any more fixings, I should really decide on a name for this week's SmileBASIC game, and get the balance worked out.
To the Switch!!!

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