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Playing with Roland
30th July 2021  
Decided to make a "Sprite Rip" game in SmileBASIC, this week.


The initial thought was "Something a bit like the Net Yaroze (Playstation) game Time Slip."..
But I figured it might work better as a top-down maze collectathon, rather than a platformer.

Trying to decide on the best look for a time-machine, I eventually ended up thinking about particular blue telephone boxes, then the red and white design phone booth from another temporal adventure, and then... I remembered something old old old..

Sure.. OK.. That'll do..

So I spent ten minutes or so recreating the phone booth and Roland, and drew a few generic tiles to make a collision map.
I've also drawn the crystals for collecting, and will probably duplicate a few of the enemy sprites, too.

The plan will be, scatter the crystals around a room, have Roland collect them, but have the Time-Booth be on the fritz so that every few seconds, another Roland is spawned, duplicating your previous movements.
Try to collect all the crystals without walking into any enemy, or even yourself.

The tricky part will be making it mazey enough without being too linear.

Yep.. Game ahoy!!

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