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JSE - Bug Fixing Day
8th August 2021  
Found a couple of new/old quirks in the language, last night.


For n=1 to 10 Print "Hello" Next For n=1 to 10:Print "World":Next

Bah, humbug!!
There's a fair number of "on a line, broken" issues that I'm going to have to faff about with.
These got noticed when I tried to type-in an old type-in from an old Amstrad magazine.
I'm also stumbling into numerous missing commands and have been coding a few to hopefully fill in a couple of gaps along the way.

Currently I've added Pen, Paper and Ink, though they work on the 26/27 colour palette of the Amstrad CPC, with numbers 0 to 26 for all three. (Which isn't how Amstrad BASIC handled things, but for the purposes of JSE, it's good enough)
I've also set it up to work on C64/ZX/BBC palettes should you select those, but again, it's all numerical.
I'll have to jot all of this stuff down in the command list. .. And, of course, upload all the new stuff. It's not online yet!

But first, that "For/Next on a line" bug. It's very odd, and definitely needs fixed.

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