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JSE - The Cylinder of Time! (Incomplete)
12th August 2021  
A small preview of a command in progress.


Yesterday I decided to make a time-tunnel sort of thing, with dates listed in a kind of grid, to make the bog-standard "grid of levels" a little more interesting to look at.
So far, so good.

The time-tunnel swirls around, and you can move back and forth through the vortex to pick the date you'd like.
The vortex includes the ability to draw stars for each level, instead of the circles, indicating levels you might've beat.

But none of the functionality really works properly yet. I got stuck trying to get the mouse to drag the vortex around, since I've coded it to "always" swirl, and dragging it left and right causes infinite swirly chaos!!
I also have to figure out how to save scores and "win/lose" for each of the levels, without the save file ending up being insanely oversized.
But.. yeah, it's coming along..

Might be done later today, if not then likely by tomorrow.
Then I need to make a game that uses it!!

FYI : To use this you need only switch GameHandler("Name of Game","Easy|Normal|Hard") to GameHandler("Name of Game","Calendar") and it does the time tunnel instead.
.. But not yet, 'cos I haven't uploaded this yet!

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