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JSE - The Cylinder of Time! (Almost Ready)
14th August 2021  
Good grief, this is taking a while!


Today I need to code some kind of example that shows off the point of the new Calendar-based level select.

I also need to add some kind of functionality for Leap Years.
Since the menu only handles "This year", it's not "too" much of an issue, and won't be for another 3 years, but it's probably a good idea to get that coded now, before I forget about it!

Would I expand it to account for more than "This Year"?
I'm not sure. The save data's quite large, and I don't want 100 calendar projects clogging up your browser's Local Storage which it would manage to do fairly easily if I allowed that.
Nah, best to keep things as simple as I can.

After all, 365/6 levels is probably more than enough for JSE, right!?

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