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JSE - Debugging
26th August 2021  


The recreation of Boatload of Balls is pretty much ready to go, but for a couple of issues.
1. The flickering screen when it can't keep up. Another reminder that I need to do that Flicker Fix.

and 2..
"An error has occurred and this page has been reloaded"
That one's new..!

I can get it to repeat in MacOS Safari, but not on any other browser, so I'm suspecting it might be the related to the issue that's causing the input-slowdown... Since that's only happening in MacOS Safari, too.
Is it the Beta at fault, or is it something in my code?
I've been digging through for the past 24 hours, but it's really quite hard to debug because when "this page has been reloaded", all the debug stuff is gone.

I'll keep digging.

Wish me luck!

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