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Have a Starfield
28th August 2021  
Made this, quickly, this morning.


I was about to google for "Starfield image large" to add to my Platdude Pixelart, then went "Hang on, I have a programming language here.."

So I hopped on over to and got to work.
Pixels for stars, splodges for nebulae, and the thing came together quite nicely.
I used Scale 3, which means everything gets scaled to your screen, but also when you save it, pixels are still pixels.
Scale 0 keeps everything 1 to 1, too, but doesn't then scale the result to your screen, meaning you can't see the whole image as it's generating it.
Scale 1 ends up blurring everything since it's scaling it mathematically instead of pixel-based, whilst Scale 2 changes the end ratio, which isn't exactly handy when you're aiming for a specific resolution.

// Starfield with Nebulae // Hit ' to capture the image // by Jayenkai // Created 2021/8/28 // Graphics 1920,1080,3:CLS // Pixel stars For m=0 to 1600 d=Rand(3,10)*25:SetCol d,d,d Plot Rand(1920),Rand(1080) Next:Flip // A few bigger stars For m=0 to 50 d=Rand(6,10)*25:f=Rand(1,2) x=Rand(1920):y=Rand(1080) For n=-f to f SetCol d-Abs(n*20),d-Abs(n*20),d-Abs(n*20) Plot x+n,y:Plot x,y+n Next Next:Flip // Nebulae SetBlend "Light":neb=Rand(3,6) For n=0 to neb c=Rand(0,12)*30 x=Rand(1920):y=Rand(1080) a=Rnd(0,360) SetAlpha 0.01 For m=0 to 1024 d=Rnd(0.3,0.5):InkRot c,0.8,d If Rand(0,100)<3 then a=a+Rnd(-45,45) x=x+Sin(a)*Rnd(0,6):y=y-Cos(a)*Rnd(0,6) Oval x+Rand(-200,200),y+Rand(-200,200),Rand(128,256),Rand(128,256),64 If m mod 256==0 then Flip Next Flip:Next

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