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Lazy Day?
2nd September 2021  
You know those days when you're absolutely sure you did something, but can't find any evidence of having done anything!?


I tweaked a couple of minor bugs in JSE, but you couldn't spot them even if you tried really hard.
I did notice one slight quirk, and am looking into it. It involves having too many functions on a single line.

I tried to get this code to work in JSE, but it wasn't having any of it!
The Pen/Ink commands obviously had to be rejigged, and the Locate commands need *8's all over so they suit the text grid instead of pixel-based co-ordinates.

I think the actual breaking is to do with the cramped nature of the code, and the way multiple if commands are all in the same line. It doesn't seem to like that.
But I'm sure I can figure it out, right?!

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