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Top Tip - Platdude's Minecart Ride
5th September 2021  
Not very often I code enough skill into a game to bother including a top tip!


In Platdude's Minecart Challenge, the real goal is to get as many points at the end as you can.
Once you reach the goal line, the cart rattles away, using up the collected stars as a boost, until it's all run out.
If you're in the air, though, neither the boost will trigger, nor will the physics slow the cart down.
This means, if you jump right before the goal line, you get some air-time, and you'll travel a little bit further.

But wait, there's an extra opportunity to score big!
You get ONE last jump, once you've hit the goal line. So if you time it right, you can leap right before the goal, get all that air-time, then quickly let go and re-hold the A button before you've hit the ground, meaning Platdude makes that last extra leap.

The scores you can earn with these two combined can be really quite satisfying!

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