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10th September 2021  
In the midst of my current photographic deletion stuff, I stumbled upon a template for a paper/card box.


Originally an item I thought might work well with the Asset Generator, I'd saved it "for future usage", and then instantly forgot about it.
But there it was, hanging out in my photos as if I knew what I was doing with it.
So I grabbed the template, rejigged it a bit, made it slightly bigger on the page, and then printed out a test.

Looks alright, I guess.
But what would it look like with screenshots and such added on top?
Would it look weird like the little paper envelopes do?
And I think that's likely why I never bothered to use them.

But it does look quite nice, though.

Further experimentation will need to be done, so the sides are all aligned correctly, and all face in the right direction.
I might also tweak the lid a bit, as it's quite stiff the way it is. I think I need to make it a teensy bit larger, to fit a little easier on the box.

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