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A Rough Night
17th September 2021  
Kept waking myself up, all night, by rolling onto the arm where I had the Flu Jab!


Doesn't help that, around 3am, the NAS starting beeping away.
I've only heard it freak out like that once before, and I ended up having to replace one of the drives.
This time.. Just an update.
That was all.
Why it couldn't have done that during the day, rather than scare the munkies out of me in the middle of the night, no idea.

At least it now has "Improved Stability", so that's good.


A few SoCoder tweaks were done, yesterday, along with finally figuring out how to get a much-needed Cron-Job to work on the server.
Backups are always important, and having a Cron-job organise all the backups on the server itself, is probably much better than me having to download a bunch of files every other week!
At the very least, if I'm stuck in hospital again, I can now manage backups via my phone, which is super important.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

I had a vague idea for a game, but I'm not sure if it'll turn out as playable as I have in my head.
Feels like it might end up being more "QTE" than game, but I guess that's good enough, right!?
Might as well give it a go, though, right?!
I'm still of the mindset that every idea is a good one. It's only bad implementation that makes them a rubbish game.

... maybe..!

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